“My ultimate goal is not to specifically share my own stories, but to encourage others to revisit their own memories and examine their meaning and impact on their lives.”

Rizzhel Javier (San Diego, 1983)  is a San Diego based artist and educator.  She graduated college with a Master of Fine Arts in Studio Arts from San Diego State University in 2012.  Rizzhel is an active member of the arts community in the region.

Her work explores topics in communication, identity, memory and human relationships.  Trained as a darkroom photography, in the last ten years, Rizzhel has combined her images with sculpture, installation and video.  Her pieces are playful and often require the viewer to interact physically with the work. Through sharing personal stories, Rizzhel hope to engages the viewers memories and personal experiences.

Rizzhel’s recent work is influenced by immigration and travel.  She is currently working on a documentary film, Basura Boyz, which studies the sanitary conditions of her father’s childhood town in the Philippines.  In Philippines in Tj she crossed the border to explore the meaning of home and cultural identity between San Diego and Philippines.

She engages with the community with her project Bridge, which creates art to promote community dialogue.  Her goal is to provide site specific curriculums to local programs in need of alternative learning experiences.

Rizzhel has exhibited nationally (Arena 1 Gallery, Santa Monica, CA) and internationally (Tijuana Institute of Technology, Baja, CA) .  In 2017, she received the Emerging Artist Award by the San Diego Visual Arts Network.

Rizzhel currently works at Miracosta College, teaching darkroom and digital photography.  She also works with Pacific Arts Movement, teaching Reel Voices, an award winning Youth Documentary Film program.

Dec 2017