Move(meant) (2012)

Planet Rooth Design Haus, San Diego, CA


San Diego Art Prize Recipients (2017)

Athenaeum Music and Arts Library, San Diego, CA

Moiré Fringe (2017)

Arena 1 Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

Playful Interactions (2015)

SDSU Downtown Gallery, San Diego, CA


Move(meant) is an archive that aims to catalog the memory and oral history of underrepresented people. This ongoing project is currently exploring the stories of women of color living and working in Southern California and B.C. Mexico. Housed in recycled card catalogs, an collection of flipbooks and interviews teach visitors about our community.

As a child I never saw myself represented in the books and media that I consumed. I grew up reading stories that made me feel like an outsider, making me feel isolated, which created a negative perception of my Filipina identity.  The goal of the project is to bring stories to spaces where people of color are marginalized. To provide an oral history and documentation of people that have historically gone unnoticed.

Each drawer of the project is dedicated to one person. The more participants are willing to engage with the work, the more they get the chance to learn about a person. The flipbook is a contains images collected collaboratively with the interviewees. The books are nonlinear, often drifting like memories, between years, locations and people.

An audio device, accompanies each flipbook, that plays a short excerpt from each interview. We shared experiences involving race, family origin, immigrating to the U.S., growing up transborder, fighting with parents about cultural differences and more. Participants of the project also shared the impact of these memories on their current and developing identities.

The project has taken shape in many forms, exploring different forms of archiving borrowed from the library world. The earliest forms shared personal and private kept memories. The ultimate goal is to not specifically share our own stories, but to encourage others to revisit their own memories and examine the impact of them on their lives.