There's two sides to every clothing store, the men's section and the women's section - but what about the people in between?


Baylee Ahrens

Reel Voices 2017

Stories of Haitian immigrants who were unable to cross to the United States, but who instead found successful lives in Tijuana, Mexico.

Plan A Plan B

Kimberly Moreno

Reel Voices 2017

Mexican women discuss their representation in the media of two bordering countries.


Meghan Allison Ibañez

Reel Voices 2017

Spilt into three chapters, Motherlands follows the stories of seven Filipina women as their tales interweave across generations, borders and bloodlines.


Winter Smiley

Reel Voices 2016

Island of the Misfit Boys

 Justin Wellington

Reel Voices 2016

When an unexpected accident on the soccer field causes Danny's life to change forever, he is supported by family and friends as he not only copes with paralysis, but proves to others that he can beat anything.

Life Rolls On

Reagan Yorke

Reel Voices 2016

High School students confess their worries about the college admissions process as well as their academic future.



Daniel Perea

Reel Voices 2016