Handout: Artist Presentation

This is an opportunity to educate the class about a video artist, cinematographer, director, or equivalent of your choice. Consider the people who have inspired you to be in this class, profession and career. What films, tv shows and media have influenced the way that you think, how you grew up and who you are as a person? Who do you feel others should know about and what impact does their work make on our society? Think about who your instructors have shown in class and what others haven’t seen before.

PRESENTATION DATES: 4/11, 4/18 and 4/25

All students are responsible for remembering their presentation date listed below. Please come to class at least 5 min. early to upload any presentation files to the screening station.

PART 1: Create a 10-15 min. presentation about the artist of your choice. The presentation should be supported with visuals in the form of a slideshows, photos, videos, websites or articles, etc. Notify the instructor of any special requirements, the computer with audio and projector are available for use.

The information you share about your artist depends on what you feel is important for us to know. Here are some points and questions that you may find relevant for your presentation:

  • What is this artist typically known for? (Be specific: genre, film titles, social justice, etc.)

  • How long have they been producing work?

  • What type of camera do they shoot?

  • Identify composition, design, pov, angles choice that they regularly use.

  • What about their style or purpose attracts you to their work?

  • What makes this artist unique? Why do people like it?

  • History or background of the artist that influences their work.

PART 2: Produce a 1-2 minute clip that is inspired by the artist of your choice. This video does not have to be an exact remake of their work, but it is something produced originally by you, with ideas, camera choices, editing choices, etc. that are inspired / borrowed from the artist. This video should be included in your presentation time, not to exceed 15 minutes total. Please practice! :)


April 11

  • Precious

  • Sarah

  • Lux

  • Jacob

  • Ryan

  • Noah

  • Hana

April 18

  • Matt

  • Annelisa

  • Victor

  • Kay

  • Niko (Zhuohan)

  • Lesley

  • Benjamin

April 25

  • Devon

  • Raji

  • Maggie

  • Alex

  • Darh’ra

  • Hannah

  • Paul